What the What?

Some have asked me in the last few weeks, “So what is your blog going to be about?”, “Is your blog going to have a focus?”, “Is your blog going to be random?”.

RANDOM! That is the winner!

It is a blog about my daily adventure with ADD, among other problems.

Some cannot handle random. I get it. You need a focus. You need a subject; something to contemplate, dissect, and apply to your life. You are probably the type that is living within your budget and have all your socks paired together and always take both earrings off at the same time. But that is not me.

I get distracted.


So easily that I often find myself with one earring in and the other out. Like what was so important on my mind that in the middle of taking my earrings out I couldn’t finish the task? The concerning part is that this happens often. I get in bed and find that I still have one earring in. I think, “really?”; all I had to do was move my hand to the other ear and take the other earring out. What came up in that two second time period?

I bought this for my office last month:


I love it. But as you can see I havn’t framed it or hung it on the wall yet. I admire people who hang things on the wall. Such follow through required there. I won’t give up on trying to attain that. Although it does not come naturally I still want it.

Just in, my sister just sent me this pin:


Oh dear, Cyndi just sent me this one:


It’s a game we play. Sending pins back and forth. They are soooo funny!!

So back to the topic, which is to say that there is not a topic, for now anyways. But I have A LOT of voices in my head so tomorrow there might be a topic. But for now I’m hoping to merely entertain a few people with my ADD struggles. It’s funny. Life is serious, and hard; but my struggle to focus is funny.

And we all need funny. 

Seriously serious people, we need it.

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