I realize that it may be too soon in my blogging fun to approach something a little controversial. It is a fact that most Americans will be watching the Superbowl tomorrow. I actually think that the Superbowl is a more unified day in America than any other day. Despite your race, your social class, or your religion you will probably gather with friends and watch or pretend to watch the big game. So many things about the Superbowl are fun, harmless, and good. And so many things about it are destructive, wasteful, excessive, and sinful.

Let’s start with my biggest beef with the Superbowl:


Now please, don’t insult me by even thinking that I might think that not having or not watching the Superbowl would even put a dent in solving global poverty. I do not. But I think that the amount of money spent on the Superbowl shows what America really cares about. We care about fun, food, and pleasure to excessive amounts.

My second problem with the Superbowl is . . .


No matter who’s in charge, or who is performing, or what the time delay is, the entertainment industry thrives on pushing the envelope with being as sexual as possible no matter who it hurts or who is watching. Come on, if you have been online or watched any TV in the last two weeks you know how bad the Grammy’s were, and I did not watch the Grammy’s and I don’t think Jesus would either. The entertainers only care about themselves and in general so does America. There are consequences to this sexuality being everywhere and our kids seeing it. Kids are watching the Superbowl, why does no one care about this enough to do something about it? Take a stand if kids are in the room and something inappropriate comes on the television. During the Superbowl or any other time. And if it’s inappropriate for the kids maybe it is inappropriate and harmful to our society in general. Our society is sex crazed! It harms all of us more than we realize.

So what should we do about it?

We should BOYCOTT the Superbowl.

Just kidding. I’m not big into boycotting. I think all of us have the ability to stand against things that are wrong and make an impact for change. But by standing against something I mean doing something to change it!

Here are my suggestions on what we can do:

1. Reduce excess spending and use of material goods in your family. We can slowly change our thinking on this and hopefully start a trend that could change America, and maybe the Superbowl. Check out Jen Hatmaker’s book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

2. We can choose not to watch the half time show. Simple.

3. Invite people over who might not have been invited to a Superbowl Party. This one is hard for me, I’ve been loving my introvert-hermit lifestyle lately, and would prefer to be alone.

4. Choose to use every opportunity to love more, listen more, be braver and be kinder, even if that opportunity comes at a Superbowl Party.

So do I think if Jesus was walking the earth tomorrow that he would watch the Superbowl? I do. I think He would be with friends, I think He would invite the friendless and the lonely to his house. I think He would not get drunk. I think He would not watch the half time show. And I think He would use it as an opportunity to love his neighbors. So maybe he wouldn’t be watching the game, per say, because He would be busy loving on everyone, or washing their feet. That’s just what I think, anyways.

Just me thinking,

Mindy Collins