My blog was a fraud

Well, the picture was a fraud. No wait, the picture was legit, Jachin took it while we were vacationing in St. John. This is confusing, stay with me. What it represented was not authentic to my blog. It represented peace and serenity. Neither of which are strong points in my life right now.

That night that I asked Jachin to find my blog that we had saved a few years back, we picked out a picture to put at the top with my blog title. I thought I was being authentic by picking one of our own pictures. I looked at the pre-made formats that I could choose from, but none of them were authentic to me.

So I picked out the picture of the sailboats in the bay in St. John’s.

The only time I feel calm or peace or serenity is when I’m on vacation. We can dissect the wrongs and rights of that later, but for now that is the way it is. That particular vacation was amazing. Jachin and I refer to it often. We felt free as the wind in St. John. All day we roamed that island as if it were our own and each night we would eat at a restaurant in the bay by town and watch the sunset behind the sailboats.

Dreamy. Serene. Peaceful.

That was not too long after we had Sadie, and before Morgan, which is when all serenity left the building.

So I love that picture for many reasons. And the memory of that feeling is priceless. But it does not represent my life now or the blog for that matter, so it had to go.

I have been working with a blog designer that I found on Etsy. Speediness is not her strength, but whatever. I sent her a drawing of what I wanted and that is what she made my blog look like. VoilĂ ! Check that off my list. (Oh if you saw my list you would laugh so hard). (It is so optimistic).(Everything goes on the list). (In an effort to make room in my brain, but that is in vain).

So I hope you like it.

Put St. John on your bucket list.

I don’t believe in bucket lists, too much pressure.

Goodbye sailboats, I hope we meet again one day.