God Bless the Teenagers

There is something you might want to know about me.  I love teenagers.  I love to watch them, to talk to them, to be around them, to laugh with them, and to challenge them.  Today I saw them, in droves, walking the streets, fresh out of school for the summer.  The teenagers have taken over the streets! Here are some of my favorite things about the teenagers.

First thing, the lingo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE LINGO.  Here is some new recent teenage lingo I have learned:  That’s bae.  “That’s bae” is a reference to your best friends, your girlfriend, your someone special, a term of endearment.  Urban dictionary describes it as referring to your significant other in the ghetto when too lazy to say “babe”.  Friends, I can’t make this stuff up.  Urban dictionary said it! Not me! Okay, moving on, this is a good one and one I am still trying to use in the correct context: cupcaking.  In simple terms, this is new lingo for “flirting”.  I think.  The teens are still trying to explain it to me and having a great time watching me struggle to put it in the correct context.  I actually love this one.  Let’s use it in a sentence: “Where is Abbey?”, “Oh, she is in the hall cupcaking with Steven”.  Oh!!, Now I get it, okay, great.

Second thing, they are dramatic and hilarious.  Some recent time spent with my teenagers that I adore, Abbey and Tamiah, the following things were said all in one day. “Can you write a blog about us?” Sure thing, I love y’all that much.  Then, Tamiah was laying on my couch expressing her undying love for me. So she said, “Mindy, can I do some chores to help you, because you work so hard and do so much for me”, and before I could respond she yawned and said, “something I could do while lying down?” I laughed so hard I cried, then she realized how funny it was and she was laughing too.  And then she fell asleep.  You have to let the teenagers sleep.  There is no point in reasoning with them on what are appropriate sleep hours.  They will stay up until three watching vines videos and then come home from school and take a nap. I guess it’s fine, really.  I woke Tamiah up a little later and told her and Abbey they needed to get some exercise and so we went on a walk.  About half a block down, Tamiah dramatically exhaled and sighed and said that black people couldn’t walk in the daytime because their dark skin attracts heat and she was too hot.  Awesome, this for sure made my day.  We cracked up while she tried to remained straight faced and say over and over, “I’m serious, I’m serious!”.  Okay, you are serious teenager.  I try and take you all seriously.  I love you all and your problems and your highs and your lows.  But I don’t always love your Instagrams, I think you can do better sometimes.

To my adult friends, love a teenager this summer, you will be glad you did.  Just so you know, I do have a few rules when hanging out with my favorite teens. No inappropriate language in front of my children, including using the Lord’s name in vain.  No headphones on at my dinner table or in my car (the headphones are precious to them and like their own children, even if we don’t understand, we can accept this as true).  If i have you in my car because you called me and asked me for a ride to work, I have the right to try and convince you not to have sex until you are married and to study harder to pass Chemistry,

Those are my thoughts on teenagers.  Here are some pictures for you, enjoy!


*Tamiah stumbled into our house while we were eating dinner, she had walked here from work and felt that the floor was cooling her off. She laid there a long time.



*Abbey loves selfies, she takes a million on my phone, here she gets Morgan to play along.


*My camp teenagers, Anna, Kelly and Rachel.  LOVE THEM


*Tamiah and Abbey making fun of my hats