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Brushes and Bows

Oh, Sunday mornings.  This is how they look: we get up and eat a hot breakfast together and have a morning devotion, then we all get ready for church and the kids put on their pre-selected outfits with matching shoes and they brush their teeth and then I do their hair and put it up nicely and then put a bow in it.  We calmly get in the car, all remembering our Bibles, and drive to church singing worship songs.  We get there on time and like ducks in a row, move into the pew.  Not one of my children fights about who they want to sit next to and the we sit calmly and quietly and worship the Lord.

You are so quick to catch on that I am being sarcastic here.  This does not happen.  I think maybe once we came close to this, but it was just luck.  The truth is this, Jachin and I sleep until as late as possible.  You can judge us all you want, the more sleep we get the better off we are.  Jachin throws some cereal in bowls, tosses a pop tart to a kid or two, while I take a shower.  Then I holler from the back that they need to get on some clothes and get ready. I realize that we all know that this might appear to be a mistake.  A few years ago I would have viewed it as so.  Letting the kids pick out their clothes for church! GASP! But the truth is I just really care a whole lot less.  Sometimes they have to change, sometimes I suggest a different top, or different shoes, but my care level is so low, like it dropped off a cliff.  And the best part is, I’m crazy secure about it.  I don’t care what others think, because I am happier this way, and so is my family. So there!

So this past Sunday we did our usual routine, ran out the door, picked up some kids we take to church, got to church in two shifts, the kids fought over who sat next to who, etc.  My kids were dressed, semi-decent, but the HAIR! Well Kaitlin is old enough, she brushes her hair, it is cut short right now, so it is fine.  But Sadie and Morgan did not get their hair done that morning, and it was pretty obvious.  Apparently they claim they could not find a brush.  We sang some songs, listened to the passages shared, Morgan got up to go to the bathroom, one kid had fallen asleep and was snoring, and two kids kept switching places and giggling during prayer. We were up in the balcony and had my parents sitting behind us and some of our friends that we have gone to church with our whole lives, who are very good friends with my parents, sitting beside them, Mike and Betsy. They were very amused by the scene we had created.

Betsy is one in a million, I never want to be on this earth without her.  She is funny and sarcastic, but also caring and kind.  She changed my diapers when I was in the church nursery as a baby, and we have exchanged sarcastic comments ever since.  Two sarcastic people have a very special bond.  Not everyone gets it.  Not everyone can do it without getting hurt feelings.  But Betsy and I can banter back and forth until the sun goes down and it never gets old. Betsy’s daughter Gena was the only girl my age at our church growing up. Gena is amazing and I love this whole family dearly.  They make me laugh until I cry.  Which is the best kind of laughter.

The worship service ended and the kids ran off to Sunday school and my mom and Betsy started in about “what in the world, your kids look like they just rolled out of bed!”  Well, they did.  They gave me a hard time about the bed head situation going on with my children.  “Where are the bows?” asked Betsy.  “They used to wear bows with their hair done”, Betsy said.  “I used to care more, now I don’t and I’m happier now.” I said assuredly.  “Thier hair looks terrible” my mom and Betsy said.  “Well, I need a few days off to regroup and then maybe I will be able to do their hair.  I need somebody to take them Monday and somebody to take them Wednesday, Heather has them Tuesday.” They looked at me a minute to see if I was serious.  I was, so I repeated myself.  My mom said she would take them Wednesday and so I looked at Betsy and said, “well, I guess you get my kids tomorrow.”  She stared at me, she had really gotten herself into a pickle now.  I repeated to her that I needed a break and she could watch them for me on Monday.  She stared at me, speechless. “You would rather give me $1,000 dollars than watch my kids, wouldn’t you Betsy,” I said.  “Yes,” she replied.  I take a small amount of joy in being a negotiator, so I said, “great, I’ll get a babysitter for Monday and you can pay for it.”  Her eyes lit up.  “Deal,” she said.  “And in exchange I will bring them to church next week with their hair done with bows,” I offered. She agreed that this was part of the deal.

The babysitter came and took them to the pool all afternoon. It happened to be Betsy’s niece and she is AMAZING!  Betsy, you owe me $40 for the babysitting.  And they went to the neighborhood pool which cost $15 if you want to pay for that too!  You’re the best Betsy!

Heather took them to the movies yesterday, and today my mom had them all day, which was perfect because I was sick.  I think I am regrouping, or something like that.

I don’t have pictures from Sunday morning, but here our some of our bedhead examples.  We are not ashamed!